While the groom should be the best looking guy in the wedding, his groomsmen shouldn’t fall too far behind. As the groom (and their good friend), your duty doesn’t only involve preparing the wedding bands for you and your bride or the marriage license or choosing your wedding party; it’s also your duty to look out for the guys and make sure they’re rightly dashing for the occasion. Their attire is a huge part of that.

You can stick to tradition and make them wear a classic dark tux, or you can inject some fun and personality in their outfits. There shouldn’t be any problem as long as you choose a style that fits the wedding’s overall aesthetic. To help you, here are nine style ideas to make your groomsmen look rad on your wedding day.

Classic Black Tux

You can’t go wrong with the classic. A black tux is guaranteed to make you and your groomsmen look chic and sharp. Whether you’re renting or buying a tux, make sure to get it tailored. Fine clothes only look good when they fit. To complete your collective look, get matching ties or bows and boutonnière.

Debonair Waistcoat

Leave the jacket home and show off your waistcoats for a laid-back yet stylish look. To get that charming, debonair vibe, go for slimming waistcoat. Baggy ones will only ruin the whole aesthetic. Choose a neutral color, such as heather gray, cream, or beige, for a subtly classy aura  In a formal event like a wedding, a waistcoat should be worn over a collared dress shirt Wearing similar colored dress pants are optional, but doing so will enhance the whole attire.

Coordinating Accessories

There’s no rule that says your groomsmen need to wear matching outfits. Admittedly, coordinating at least one piece of your and your groomsmen’s attire will make the photos more awesome. But since it’s your wedding, you’re the one who gets to decide. Why not incorporate your gifts for your groomsmen in their outfit? A simple yet thoughtful token, like customized cufflinks, personalized socks, or a hand-stamped tie, can show your appreciation for helping you with everything for your wedding. Moreover, such gifts can be worn at the wedding as part of your groomsmen’s outfits. Sometimes it’s the small details that count.

Bow ties and Suspenders

If you’re a group of easy-going pals, you can toss away the suit jacket and leave on the collared shirt, suspenders, and bow tie. Any color of trousers can go well with this style. For a soft feel, light shades, like beige, cream, or gray, are the ideal choice. You can spice up your outfit with wacky bow ties. The guys will love picking out the silliest patterns.

Funky Tweed

Tweed has made a comeback. It’s no wonder because it’s durable and versatile, without weighing too much. The fabric can be made into a jacket, waistcoat, hat, trousers and many others. Need more reason to wear tweed? You and your groomsmen would look dashing in a deep brown three-piece tweed suit with a light-colored tie. Replace the jacket with suspenders and wear a tweed cap for to emulate that vintage newsboy look.

American Cowboy

For Wild West-inspired outfits, you need the essentials—a cowboy hat, belt, shirt, boots and jeans. Your groomsmen can wear matching hats and shirts with denim for a more casual look. If you want a something more formal, add a suit jacket and waistcoat. Alternatively, your groomsmen can wear suits with a cowboy hat.

Fresh Pastels

Pastels are perfect for spring weddings. Their soft, soothing, and near neutral hues go well with the spirit and ambiance of the season. There are several ways your groomsmen can incorporate pastels in their attire. The more eye-catching choice is a monochromatic pastel attire. But for low-key look, pick out one part of your attire where you can add the pastel (e.g., the shirt, pants, bowtie, or tie). Pastel dress pants are especially popular paired with a white button-up shirt, bow tie, and suspenders.

The Great Gatsby Vibe

Your wedding is one of the most memorable moments of your life, so why not go all out? You and your pals can deck out in Great Gatsby-esque outfits. To capture the 1920s jazz age, you need a dapper pinstripe or vintage-style three-piece suit, shiny leather oxfords, and a stylish gambler hat to match your outfit. Add a champagne coupe or a fancy walking stick to complete your look. Before you get carried away, make sure your outfits match the wedding’s theme .

Rainbow Suits

Want something fun and colorful? Get your groomsmen to dress in rainbow colors. Each groomsman should pick a rainbow color to incorporate in their outfit. You can wear rainbow ties, shirts, shoes, or socks. Want something more adventurous? Try a whole outfit in one rainbow color. None of your groomsmen should be worried about becoming a wallflower with this.

Final Word

It’s part of the tradition for groomsmen to pay for their outfits. Formal wears are pricey, so be considerate and inform your friends early on. If you’re choosing something very specific, it helps to provide a shop or a link where they can purchase the attire or pieces. Matching outfits are the usual, but it’s your wedding so you get to decide. Just remember to ask the future missus’s opinion.

Photo Credit: https://backseatphotography.wordpress.com/

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