When it comes to wedding fashion, conversation quickly turns to what the bride or her bridal party will be wearing. But the bridal party aren’t the only ones who need to worry about attire. Wedding guests are too often left in the dark on what to wear. While most invites offer some guidelines, many guests either do not understand these instructions or simply are overwhelmed by too many options.

Here’s our top picks from our current sale:

  1. If the invite says “Black Tie” or “Black Tie Optional”: The second most formal only to the rare white tie wedding, this calls for a full length evening gown or an elaborate cocktail dress. We like something like this stunning marine evening gown by After Six, available in size ten. A soft sweetheart neckline includes slimming ruching, a natural waistline, and siim A-line. It’s the perfect example of how full length can stun without overshadowing the bride. For a slightly softer look, we suggest something like this flowing plum dress by Social Bridesmaids or a one-shoulder gown in cobalt blue. Sticking with fabrics like chiffon make a slightly more relaxed look, but the darker, royal colors keep in theme with black tie.  Cocktail dresses can work for black tie if you aren’t wild about floor length or it’s an outdoor, summer wedding. Just make sure you select cocktail dresses that have something extra to them. A perfect example is this rose dress by Alfred Sung. With a court neckline and tapering at the waist, paired with a stunning color, this dress is sleek sophistication at its finest. The key? Select dresses in fabrics like silk or satin, which scream sophistication and add understated elegance. Pair with sterling silver or gold and an updo.
  2. If the invite says “Cocktail Attire”: Probably the most common requests, cocktail attire is self explanatory. Cocktail dresses should be a little more fun, chic, and playful. Daring necklines, textures, and details are all in, so long as you keep it formal. Try strapless sweethearts with bold, flirty colors like this one from Alfred Sung, or a softer blue. V-necks are alluring, as are halter dresses. Check out the playful bow on this one!


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