There are a few tacit rules when it comes to selecting bridesmaid dresses. For one, the dresses shouldn’t outshine the bride, and should contrast enough the bride stands out. For another, the dresses should ideally both flattering and more or less tolerable to the entire bridal party.

Alas, these so called rules are not always possible to follow, particularly the requirement that all bridesmaids are happy with the dress. What helps? Getting feedback, making compromises, and, increasingly, letting women in the bridal party select a dress that fits their personality, body type, and skin tone.

While some brides allow their bridesmaids to select the style of their choice, more and more bridal parties are keeping the style uniform but letting the women pick the shade of their choice. With increasingly diverse bridal parties, this is a smart option: by selecting within the same color family and wearing the same style, the dresses are uniform enough but also flattering to every skin tone.

A surprisingly flattering and versatile color: pink. While pink bridesmaid dresses are often associated with romantic spring and summer weddings, the many different shades of pink offer something flattering for every type of wedding and every skin tone.

Start by finding your skin undertones here.

You don’t need to be an ultra feminine bride to enjoy it. Here are our favorite ideas for pink bridesmaid dresses:

  1. Blush or Crepe: The palest shade of pink, blush is a soft, feminine choice ideal for Spring or early Summer weddings. Just a hint of pink is also great for the member of the bridal party that wants to flirt with the color but not fully commit. It’s most flattering on skin with neutral undertones, or skin without obvious pink or yellow pigmentation.
  2. Peach, Salmon, or Coral: A bit bolder, shades in this family flirt with orange and sherbert and can extend into early Fall. In general, these shades are most flattering on warm undertones, or skin with hints of yellow, gold, or peach. Naturally warm, these shades also are welcoming and still beautiful options.
  3. Fuschia, Hot Pink, or Magenta: The boldest and most declarative shades of pink can actually be quite striking and elegant. These are great for cool undertones, or skin with blue or pink notes. While the bolder hues may not be for everyone, they are also the most versatile, and could easily fit into weddings during any season.
  4. Prints: Looking for a dress with a splash of pink? You should consider prints, especially floral patterns, which lend themselves to outdoor venues or venues with an artistic bend. With a draped overlay and chiffon A-Line, this dress is a perfect example of how splashes of pink can be universally flattering.


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