There’s a revolution in the bridal industry, and this one has nothing to do with bridal fashion.

For a long time, bridal bouquets were held to certain standards: the arrangements needed to look professional, and, above all, uniform.

All that is changing. Popularity for more organic looks are growing, in the form of  trailing bouquets. Pops of color and unexpected arrangements are welcome.

Shuttle Sprite Photography presents beautiful possibilities in this emerging trend, in four unique, but equally stunning, arrangements.

The first bouquet is arguably the most cemented in this trend. Mauve delphiniums, trailing flower vines, and sprigs of foliage are punctuated with periwinkle and soft violet petals. This bold look is evocative of a wild field of roses, and perfect for a vintage or garden-themed wedding.

In the second, white roses and baby’s breath take a step towards the more organic vibe with a layered composition of sage green leaves, sprigs of green and pinecones on either side. The third bouquet takes a note from the previous two, combining the more classic white and green color composition of the second and nodding to the bright composition of the first. Trailing baby’s breath, playful white chrysanthemums, and lime green buttons would look at home at a conservatory, tropical/ beach, or even yard wedding.

The final bouquet takes wild elegance to a new level: small pale pink and white roses are nestled against long stems of amaranthus and a bold white hydrangea. The variety in sizes, textures, and composition make this look beautiful and stunning.

Photographer:  Shutter Sprite Photography//Floral Designer: Simply Unique Florist//Floral Designer: Always in Bloom llc//Floral Designer:Eco Flowers//Floral Designer: Motts Floral Design