Red is the traditional color for Hindu brides because the color symbolizes passion, love, prosperity, and fertility, so for this style shoot, the couple elected to keep with tradition while adding in a modern twist. Complementing the ornate red bridal gown, the couple opted to punctuate their wedding ceremony with bright shades of teal, purple, gold, pink, orange, and red in a celebration of their Indian culture. An elephant motif was carried throughout the event.

Love Affair Photography captured the event, which took place at a venue that overlooked the glorious Arizona sunset. The flower arrangements diverted from tradition to encompass floral displays that draped over their holders and even flowers that hung from a wall of foliage.

The three-tiered wedding cake continued the elephant theme with bright purple, orange, and blue frosting, resplendent with gold. In addition to the traditional cake, the coupe opted for an assortment of desserts and sweets, beautifully arranged with gold candle holders and elegant greenery.