How to make your wedding budget work for you

The thought that your wedding budget should work for you and not the other way around seems to be a crazy, out-there idea these days. It seems more and more people are finding new and creative ways to spend money on things that don’t really add to the specialness of the wedding day – but rather to the theme of it. It’s almost as if they’re decorating the decorations, rather than highlighting the ceremony – which is the whole reason for having a wedding day at all.

It was previously mentioned that you shouldn’t spend anything until you’ve laid out your ideas for what you plan to spend on which wedding elements. Once you’ve determined that, however, you get to do the fun part: Bringing your wedding idea to life!

Setting the Date

Your wedding date is going to have a significant impact on your bottom line, so if having extra cash to spend on other things matters more, try these ideas:

  • Find out the Wedding Season for your area by checking the websites of venues you like, or just by calling the venues directly. They’ll let you know what the ‘off season’ is, and how much you can save by choosing a date during that time.
  • Keep away from holidays, but there are exceptions. Don’t, under any circumstances, buy flower arrangements around Valentine’s day or Mother’s Day. Do consider having your wedding between Christmas and New Year’s Eve when all of the parties are over, but the venues are still beautifully decorated – you’ll save a fortune on décor, especially if you like red, green, gold, blue, silver or white (or some combination of the above).
Destination Wedding or Stay Local?

Depending on your budget, having a destination wedding can be a total benefit! Fewer people can attend, which saves cash, and you can combine your wedding and honeymoon for a wonderfully exciting vacation!

How Many People Can You Afford to Invite?

Unlike almost anything else you can plan for, a wedding has a painfully direct correlation between the number of people you invite and how many zeroes the bill ends up having.

Before making the guest list, remember that your wedding day isn’t a competitive event and you don’t need to impress people. This is a celebration that you want your closest friends and family to take part in. Make your budget, create a guest list of people you love and spend your money however you can. If you can only afford to feed your nearest and dearest pizza and beer – they’ll still enjoy it and toast your health. That’s what family and friends are all about, right?

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Photo credit: Jasmine White Photography