Seven ways to ensure a proper wedding Dress fitting

The wedding day should be the most important day off your life. Would you not like to look at your best on this special day? There is not a better way to look ravishing than donning the perfect wedding gown. Here are seven ways to ensure that you have the perfect gown fitting on your wedding day.

1.      Buy your undergarments before you shop for your gown

You need to look at your best. Hence, it becomes imperative that your wedding dress fits you to a ‘T’. Naturally, you might want to wear body shapers and special bras under your gown. Buying them before you shop for the gown would be a better idea. You can always choose the gown, keeping these undergarments in mind. This would be great for you so you can try it out beforehand as well.

2.     Have your bridal shoes ready before the gown

This would ensure that you buy a gown with the perfect length. So to have your bridal shoes ready before the gown would be the best choice. Otherwise, you can wear a similar kind of a heeled shoe while doing the fitting of your wedding gown.

3.     Match the veils perfectly

Usually, you would opt for the cathedral veil on the occasion. You should buy the veils with your wedding dress at the same time. This would ensure a perfect fit. This would provide the ideal length of the train of your bridal gown.

4.     Decide beforehand the hairstyle you would have on the wedding night

This can affect the look of the gown a great deal. A mismatch of the hairstyle and the design of the gown would be disastrous. If you have a hairstyle in mind, it would be fantastic. Otherwise, you have the option of choosing the hairstyle to suit your gown.

5.     Maintain your figure perfectly

An increase of a pound or two in your weight can cause the fat to deposit at the wrong places. This can affect the fitting of the gown. Therefore, maintaining your figure is very important. You can buy your wedding gown as close to the wedding date as possible. This can help a great deal.

6.     Be comfortable

Try out the dress as many times as you want. You have to attain perfection on that particular night. Try out the various seating positions as well. The key is to feel comfortable with the gown.

7.     Shop for the wedding gown at a reputed bridal gallery

The quality is always more important than the price Choose the best one available from a reputed bridal gallery such as the ‘Diamond Bridal Gallery’.

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Photo Credit: Robb McCormick Photography