Bachelor parties may seem like a very modern affair, but they actually go back to as early as 5th century B.C., when Ancient Spartans helped a man celebrate his final night as a free, single man. In some ways, that tradition has changed little, at least conceptually. Bachelor parties are ways to relax, unwind, and celebrate before the stress of a wedding.

Today, though, most bachelor parties involve alcohol, and lots of it. Bars are the most common place to frequent. But not every groom to be wants alcohol to be the theme of the night. Even if a groom does want a few drinks, there are countless more creative, memorable, and meaningful ways to celebrate the final night of being a “single man”.

So while the bride is having a celebration of her own, here are some more unique takes on a bachelor party in Sacramento.

  1. For A Little of Everything: Midtown

Midtown, located from E. Street to R. Street and 16th Street to 29th Street, Midtown is called “the hippest and fastest growing district in California”. Boasting retail, bars, bustling nightlife, and even live music and open art galleries, this is perfect for a taste of everything.

  1. Get in Tune with Your Athletic Side: Maybe the nightlife scene isn’t your thing. For naturally athletic guys, there are plenty of ways to work a sweat and bond with the guys. Ice skating is available year round, until 10 pm, at the Skatetown Ice Arena in Roseville. Rather have some fun during the day? Practice your swing at Will Robbin’s Golf or Granite Bay Golf Club. Get on the water and try your hand at kayaking at Adventure Sport Kayak City.
  2. Go Sky High with Thrills: Looking for something more adventurous? Dare to go skydiving,hang gliding, or even zip lining. For a tamer take, try a hot air balloon ride for incredible sights.
  3. Get Competitive: Test your skills and try to beat the rest of the guys at indoor go-kart racing at K1 Speed, or act get into arcade gaming at the Old Sacramento Shooting Gallery, or try virtual gaming reality at Zion.
  4. For Foodies: Love fine cuisine? Sacramento has plenty to offer! Head out to the Sutter District for a Walk and Taste Tour, available year round. Unique eateries are located along tree-lined roads and historical landmarks, like Sutter’s Fort. Diverse offerings include Bahn mi chicken, organic coffee, croque monsieur sandwiches, and artisan cheese. Get a sample from some (or all) of Tripadvisor’s top fourteen restaurants in Sacramento. Really enjoy your drink by visiting the Track 7 Brewing Company, New Glory Craft Brewery, or head out to one of the many wineries in the area.


Whatever you do, make sure it’s a memorable night!