When Should a Groom Shop for Attire?

A good amount of time and energy is spent in shopping and altering a wedding gown during the planning process – but it is vital not to forget about the other important person in the wedding: the groom!

Not sure when a groom should start shopping for attire? Check out this guide for a stress-free experience:

Three to Four Months: While it does take a bit longer to shop for a wedding gown and have it properly altered, a groom can wait until three to four months before the wedding to shop for attire. Keep in mind that the longer you wait, the more risk you run of having fewer options. As soon as you can, think about what you want the groom and his groomsmen to wear and be sure to reserve the tuxedos early on in the planning process.

Two months: After selecting the tuxedo, get the necessary alterations for the groom and his groomsmen. The alteration process is just as important as finding a tuxedo – you are going to be looking at pictures long after the wedding, so you don’t want an ill-fitting tuxedo to stand out for years to come.  Make sure the groomsmen also attend any necessary fittings!

One month: The groom should do his final alterations with a month to go before the wedding. In the event the suit or tuxedo still needs to be altered, a month is plenty of time to get it done stress-free. If you’re getting married during a peak wedding season, keep in mind that shops and tailors will be extremely busy! Don’t wait until the last minute to get any final fittings done.

Before taking the tuxedo or suit home, be sure and check that all the details are in place — depending on the style purchased or rented, attire should include a jacket, trousers, dress shirt, tie, cummerbund or vest. You will also need cuff links (depending on the dress shirt style), dress socks and polished shoes.

While the groom has less to worry about in regard to a suit or tuxedo rental, crossing things off the to-do list well in advance will keep the stress levels down for the couple during the wedding planning process!