If you’ve seen Say Yes To The Dress, you’ll know that a lot of women don’t realize they’ve found the “perfect dress” until they’ve put on the veil, shoes, and other accessories. While the dress itself is beautiful, it may not completely fulfill your dreams until it’s part of an entire ensemble.

So how do you choose the wedding accessories that will add your personality into your stunning wedding-ready gown? We like the timeless rule: something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Most brides choose to utilize this saying through their shoes and accessories.

Something Old

Do you have a special accessory or piece from a family member or ancestor that you want to incorporate into your wedding? You should always start your accessory decisions with those items that you know you will definitely be including in your wedding ensemble. For example, a grandmother’s brooch that she wore everyday or your mother’s wedding veil. Vintage, sentimental pieces should be the primary accessory that all other pieces should work to complement.

Something Borrowed

We’re skipping around a bit, but this is also true for something borrowed. Something borrowed isn’t usually something that has been handed down to you. It’s your best friend’s lucky “love bracelet” that she lends you for the day, or it’s your future husband’s cufflinks that you want to incorporate in your outfit. These tend to be “given” close to the wedding date, so you don’t need to necessarily match your other accessories with them. You should just have this in mind, as you are going shopping for your other accessories—so as not to overdo or underdo the jewelry.

Something New

Now comes the fun part—shopping for new items! You have a general idea of your something old and something borrowed, so now you can start filling in the gaps. Answer the following questions to get a good idea of what kind of accessories you’re looking for.

  • What do you want to wear on your head? This will depend on your hairstyleas well as the back and sleeves of the dress. You can have a veil, headpiece, or hair jewelry.
  • Will you have dangly earrings or studs? This will also depend on your hair and headpiece.
  • Will you have a necklace? The type of necklace depends highly on the neckline of your dress.
  • What style of bracelets would match or add to the beauty of the gown? What kind of jewels would best complement the embellishments of your gown?
  • Do you want a bridal belt? These tend to be used for more traditional, non-embellished dresses to add an extra layer of texture and customizable personality. It’s like making your own dress!
  • What kind of garter will fit your style and personality the most? It’s hidden, so you can get as wild, fun, elegant, and colorful as you want!

Remember, your friends at Diamond Bridal Gallery are here to help you find the perfect accessories that will transform your gown into a stunning, individualistic ensemble.Something Blue

Make one of your accessories blue! If it doesn’t match your color scheme or you want a more traditional look, add a touch of blue with your garter or on the bottom of your shoe!

Stop in to Diamond Bridal Gallery to see our extensive range of bride and bridesmaids accessories! We look forward to helping you put together your perfect, individualistic bridal ensembles in which you can start the rest of your life.


Photo Credit: Derek_Halkett_Photography