A Spotlight On: NoviaD’Art

What if the floral on your wedding dress could transport you to a fairytale garden, filled with fragrant flowers, sunny air, and passionate romance peeking out from behind every tree? What if the ruffles on your gown could turn you into a princess, powerfully and confidently ruling an entire kingdom? What if its beading could bring you to an ancient time, where beauty and love ruled?

This is the goal of the bridal collections of Noviad’Art. For over 40 years, Noviad’Art has been creating wistful, romantic gowns that carry the wearer to the land and spirit of their dreams. We especially love their most recent dress campaign, in a sea of red flowers and majestic gold accents.

“A style in which classical features are not at odds with creativity, and elegance is not diminished by a touch of madness.”

Woman, a fashion and lifestyle magazine put two Noviad’Art dresses on the list of the 25 most popular wedding dresses of the year. Almost as if by magic, the same dress can look completely unique on two different brides. The gown itself seems to blend into the style and personality of the wearer effortlessly.

Whether you’re looking for traditional or chic, minimalist or daring, Noviad’Art will help you live out your wedding fantasy in the gown of your dreams!