When Should You Shop For Bridesmaids Dresses?

The first thing you do after you get engaged is set a date…and start rifling through wedding magazines and window shopping in bridal stores! But you likely try and find your perfect dress as soon as the date has been set, right? Dress shopping is our favorite part of wedding planning!

But when’s the right time to start shopping for the bridesmaid dresses?

1. Start shopping while you get your wedding dress.

Although you shouldn’t choose your bridesmaid dresses the day you choose your wedding gown (that day is all about you), it’s still fun to take a look while you’re in the store! This can give you a sense of what kind of bridesmaid dresses you’re drawn to most, and you can even hold it up to your wedding gown to see how it would look together! Start the process early enough so your bridal party will match with your dress, the décor, and the atmosphere of the event.

2. Start the search 6 months before.

It usually takes 2-3 months for dresses to arrive and 4-6 weeks for alterations. We recommend trying to search 6 months in advance so you can have time to browse, decide, and “okay” it with your bridesmaids.

3. Have a fitting party.

Each bridesmaid will need to have a fitting so they can order the dress in the proper size. Some brides choose to have “fitting parties,” where they invite all their bridesmaids to do a fitting at the store together, and then they go to get lunch afterwards. This is a calm and relaxed way for your bridal party to get to know each other before the other wedding festivities start. At Diamond Bridal Gallery, we love getting groups of excited bridesmaids coming in to try on dresses and gush over their bride’s gown in person!

Shop early enough so that you won’t be stressed when it comes time to choose your bridesmaids’ dresses! Make it an event that all the girls will enjoy and bond over! Stop by Diamond Bridal Gallery to view an incredible array of bridesmaids dresses to start narrowing down your search!


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