Joni and Danny brought “something blue” to a unique dimension at their wedding on November 18, 2016. This joyful couple reflected their playful spirits with a minimalistic but exceptional event design. Minimalism is grace—and paired with a strong accent piece, you’ll find an atmosphere that is both freeing and bold!

Their décor was focused on a delicately fresh color palette of white, rose, and light blue. This in combination with the natural greenery backdrops gave the style both an airy and grounded feel. You can feel this duality of sky and land throughout their event ambiance in a way that is breezy, liberating, and stunningly elegant.

The splendor was in the details of this wedding. Rose macarons at each place setting kept the guests satiated and ready to dance the whole night through. The bubbles gave a vivacious, graceful church exit—ushering Joni and Danny into their new life in a magical way.

Joni’s ball gown was the perfect embodiment of the event. It was gorgeously with elements of freedom and fun in the sleeveless neckline and the twirling skirt! Her dress stood out strikingly against her bridesmaids’ black and blue dresses. We love how these dresses aren’t a solid color, and the pattern adds dimension to the minimalistic color palette. This same darker blue was found in accents throughout the wedding—like in the flower centerpieces—to add a startling beauty.

Speaking of flowers, the girls all carried pale flower bouquets that amplified their radiance. Again, the minimalism of these flowers created an airy and sophisticated composition head-to-toe. The girls also wore classic pearl necklaces, adding yet another touch of classic grace! Can’t you just feel the elegance radiating out from these photos by Style & Story Creative?

Joni and Danny’s love is as solid as the ground and as wistful as the sky!  Well wishes to the happy couple as they approach their one year anniversary this November.

Photographer:  Style & Story Creative//