Your best friend is getting married and she has asked you to stand next to her as she says, “I do.” It’s as wonderful as it can be! But before you get too excited, be mindful of the things that you should and should not do as the maid of honor.

Do understand your duties

Each bride expects different things from her maid of honor. Upon accepting the role, make sure you’re both on the same page regarding regarding your duties. Your tasks can vary from planning the bachelorette party to picking up the wedding dress. Be ready to cautiously give your honest opinion when asked and make sure to be readily available when needed.

Don’t hesitate to ask

While you’re busy doing your MOH duties, it’s possible to have questions and concerns along the way. Do not hesitate to ask the bride if you need any clarification on your assignment. It’s better to be sure than to assume.

Do be ready of the expenses

Being in the bridal party entails monetary responsibilities. Before saying yes to becoming the lady-in-waiting, ask about the associated costs, like your dress, makeup, and jewelry, and see if you can commit.

Don’t be afraid to say no

If you don’t have the budget for all the expenses, tell the bride about it. You can say that you may need to skip the tanning session or salon appointment. Most brides are willing to help shoulder the expenses, so be vocal about your financial capability for the affair.

You may also have to say no to other things, including not being able to be present in all pre-wedding activities. Make the bride aware as early as possible if you have any conflicting schedules.

Do try to be the problem-solver

Being the right-hand of the bride, you’re most likely the go-to person when something comes up. From a complicated vendor to a loose thread in the dress, be present to support the bride emotionally and to come up with solutions whenever you can. On the day itself, be armed with a survival kit and be prepared to take on last-minute errands.

Don’t panic

Brides may stress over wedding issues. Your role requires you to be the level-headed pacifier. It’s okay to be worried, just make sure the bride doesn’t know that you are. Take deep breaths and don’t panic so you can think clearly.

Do look your best

The couple has put so much in the wedding to make sure that everything will look perfect. Most brides will even make extra effort to create a unified look of the bridal party by adding personal touches like monogrammed kimono robes for her girls. Do your part in looking presentable.

Don’t overshadow the bride

With that being said, make sure you work on looking good without stealing the show. If the bride is giving you the liberty to choose your dress, get something that’s stunning yet discreet. You’re there to support your friend on her special day, make sure that all eyes will be on her.

Photo Credit: Jenny and Eddie photography