Five Tips How to plan successful bridal shower


One of the most fun parts of any wedding panning is the bridal shower. This is also a fun way you can wow your bride and guests. Also known as prenuptial rites of passage, it is a fun occasion for the bride’s friends and loved ones as they gather around under a well thought out environment.  It is a time where the bride is showered with lots of attention and gifts. Thus occasion is usually held two months before the wedding itself.

Any bridal shower can be made a huge success when careful planned. From your choice of a theme, to a menu, to the invitations to be sent and planning out the activities to engage and entertain your guests, there are a lot of ideas and tips to help you plan a special bridal shower the bride will live to remember.


Tip #1.  Involve the Bride

Gone are the days when it was considered strange for the bride to be involved in the planning of the bridal showers. It is now acceptable to get her involved; however, there must be an element of surprise – that is one of the purposes of the occasion. Involving the bride also goes a lot in ensuring an ideal guest list – everyone that needs to be invited. In addition, she can have a couple of inputs to make that will help the success of the occasion.


Tip #2.  Choice of Venue and Theme

A very important detail of the bridal shower is the choice of venue. This is obviously the next step once the date is set. You are at liberty to host your occasion virtually anywhere of your choice, whether at home, a restaurant, hotel and so on. All of these places are okay as long as the bride will be okay with it and it features what will be needed for your ideal occasion. This is why you need to involve the bride remember! Not forgetting the theme; the bride should also be a part of the decision process.


Tip #3.  Wedding Shower Menu

This is also another important factor to consider when planning your bridal shower. It is most likely to come when the venue and theme has been decided upon. The choice of food will also be influenced by the bride and the time of the day the occasion is hosted. You may want to really involve the bride at this stage as you want to make sure her favorite meal is also on display.

You may wish to have the food catered or your friends cook. This will however be determined by your budget.


Tip #4.  Sending Invitations

There are a variety of ways and forms these invitations can take, when it comes to bridal shower. They can be professionally printed, handwritten or better still DIY. There are so many elegant styles to choose from depending on your budget. You may want the colors to compliment the theme and design of the venue – that’s okay. As much as possible, invitations need to be sent out not less than a month before the actual occasion, to all your guest; including persons your bride will like for you to host. Actually the common etiquette here is inviting guests you also intend to invite for the wedding itself. For more ideas on bridal shower invitations, there are stores and websites that can help with templates.


Tip #5.  Shower Games and Activities

You want to keep your guests engaged and active? Then, you need to plan out fun activities and games. These activities should not just get people all hyped up in fun, but should be able to create a platform where people get to know one another. Bridal shower games can and should be centered around the couple. There are a lot of options out there, from classy to captivating games. As much as possible you want to keep the games professional and not too casual and involving naughty activities for bridal shower games. Prices and rewards also go a long way to help get people excited – you should think about putting that in too.

Photo credit: Kennedy Grace Photography