Wedding Traditions: Wedding Customs In England


One of the places in the world that is famous for its culture and traditions is the United Kingdom. One of the areas where their culture is portrayed is their wedding activities. Weddings in the United kingdom are all the rage with a uniquely elegant sense of class and poise. As the day goes by, the become the more fashionable.

Where it all begins – The Bride and Bridesmaids

For any typical wedding in England, the tradition of the ceremony begins with the bride and bridesmaid, where a flower girl strews daisies along the path that leads all the way to church, with the bride following in close succession together with her bridesmaid as company.

Dresses worn by the bridesmaids are usually very similar to that of the bride. This particular tradition dates back to the country’s roots as a far province of the Roman Empire. Till date, this tradition has thrived

Good Luck Charms

Sewing a good luck charm is typical of any English wedding especially the proper English brides. This comes in the form of silver horseshoe attached to the couples garment hem. For seemingly additional good luck, they can also used on the bouquet of the bride. Another good luck element usually desired is rain falling on the morning of the wedding event.

The Ceremony

Although not a rehearsal dinner, as is the manner of some societies, the night before features a party known as “hen party”. This is an opportunity for the groom’s friend to cheer the good luck of the groom. For English wedding, sending of invitations is done similar to way the Americans do. Additionally, for church weddings, a “ban” known as their formal announcement is done about three weeks before the day of the event. Wedding ceremonies are usually held at noon; with bride and groom reciting their vows. The reciting of vows is usually done under the chapel’s, to allow for guests and well wishers who might want to see the wedding.

The Reception

After the ceremony comes a reception; where the new couples are accompanied by the guests to what their tradition considers a “wedding breakfast”. This usually includes cakes of two different kinds. Unlike most other receptions, an English reception does not feature the traditional form of wedding cake, instead it features an elaborate fruitcake made from a combination of groundnut, cherries, ground nuts and a couple of other sweet ingredients. The second car which is meant for the groom is usually made of chocolate.

Photo credit: H R M Photography