5 Reasons why you should preserve your wedding gown


For some people, after they have spent a lot of time and resource in selecting their choice wedding dress, it is very likely that after using it for their big day, they become less concerned about what happens with it. Their thought is probably that; after all, it has served its purpose.

However, considering the amount of time and resources dedicated to selecting that dress, it is only natural to want to keep it in good condition even after the wedding. Someday, it could be prove to be useful in ways you just won’t imagine today. Below are some reasons you should consider preserving your wedding gown.

  1. Memories to be Treasured

Your wedding dress is one of the many ways you can keep your wedding memories. Wedding dressing is usually the most important “momento” of any wedding. After all, it is the dress you wore on that perfect day, when you made those long awaiting vows. This for one is the reason why it usually takes a great deal of thought in selecting your wedding dress. You don’t want to just throw away all of that memories. After all the effort you put in to make that perfect day, it is only natural for it to hold such a great deal of sentimental value.

2. Passing it Down

It is only natural that what ever you cherish, you also want to pass it unto the coming generation – at least your children or even your daughters. There are just a few things that is usually cherished compared to a wedding gown. In the case of a wedding gown, a lot of brides hope to pass it on to their female children, especially the first girl child (or in some cases, the first of them to get married). Even if its not a daughter, it could be a younger sister or a very close friend. For is reason, you don’t want the gown to be valued less than it is now.

3. Renewal of Vows

A very important reason you may want to preserve that wedding dress of yours is for the possibility of future renewal of vows. You never can tell: on your 20th anniversary, you might decide to renew your vows. What an amazing feeling it would be to slip back into that dress that took a lot from you to select. You definitely would love to be radiant and look as gorgeous as you were years back when you first wore it.

4. Protect your investment

Wedding gowns are one of the elements of a wedding that demands not just a lot of time, but money as well. You will agree with me that such a dress deserves to be termed an investment; and in turn deserves to be protected. Who knows, you could even decide to put it on sale after many years and if it is still in perfect, make quite some bucks or fortune from it. This off course will depend on its condition as at the time of sale.

5. Protecting against the unforeseen

No matter how many reasons are obvious now concerning the need to preserve your wedding gown, there is bound to be something we could have left out. So even if you think you are free from the above listed, you may still be other reasons not presently obvious. With all the chaos involved in planning out your wedding, you don’t want to have any course to regret down the line. Just having it intact, could mean a lot in the future.

With all the investment put into choosing the perfect dress for that perfect day, it is no doubt that it also demands exceptional care. In most cases, you may want to involve the services of a professional.