How to Create a Wedding Guest List

Whether you’re on a budget or space at your venue is limited, creating a guest list takes some careful planning and consideration. Here are tips on how to create a wedding guest list:

  • Start by writing down the name of every single person you would invite if you could – leave the budget or space constraints out for the sake of creating a master list.
  • Create a budget and a seat count for what will fit at your venue. You’ll need to determine catering costs per plate, as well as chair rentals and wedding favors to include in this budget.
  • Keep the guest list realistic by inviting people only you and your fiancé know. If you haven’t spoken to someone in three years or more, leave them off the list.
  • Don’t add people to the list just because you will feel guilty if you don’t – your wedding day is supposed to include people you truly love and care about, not those you feel obligated to invite.

Planning an adult-only wedding is another great way to keep costs down, while also allowing you to invite more friends and family!

Photo credit : Jasmine White Photography