Wedding Traditions: Wedding Customs In France

Wedding is one event that is popular amongst humans. As different people celebrate, the tend to come up with various ideas to make their particular event unique. However, there are certain characteristic that still stands despite these innovations. This of course is dependent on the traditional of a particular society. For the sake of this article, we will be taking a look at the common weeding customs and traditions observed in the country of France.

You may not know, but France is one country considered a favorite destination for celebration of weddings. If you ever consider to have your wedding conducted in the country, you have to be familiar with the traditions and some of which we intend to look into.


This is not so much considered a tradition. It is much more a legal obligation, that stipulates that every marriage ceremony ought to be performed by the mayor and at the town hall. This implies that, such ceremonies are meant to be ‘public’ and as such celebrated in a central location where the doors of the room stay open. This way, if there any opposers to the marriage, they are aware and free to come forward.


This term typically stands for two lovely traditions: the first talks about the orderly procession of the groom together with his mother and afterwards the rest of the wedding party.

Secondly, the presence of children, ring bearers and comparable either walking in front of the bride, down the aisle. Their duty is to spread petals on the way of the procession or hold the brides train. They are usually dressed in the same attire. Let me note here that with French weddings, there are no best man or bridesmaids.


The term defines all the wedding related festivities with the wedding party and guests inclusive. This is usually where all the guests follow the newly weds to various common places such as town hall, church, dinner, drink reception. This is done together with making unimaginable noise. It is unfortunate that in recent times, this tradition is being replaced by car procession and the noise replaced with car horns.


This term is directly translated thus: “The broom car” and refers to a dedicated car made to follow the bridal and guest cars as they move from one location to another. Typically, their task is to commute guests to the party. This is somewhat a fun tradition even though some may not find it elegant.


This refers to the cocktail reception where both very close and not so close friends and colleagues at work and parent’s acquaintances are invited and given maximum attention with drinks, a dinner and other entertainments to follow. There’s usually a timing problem with this tradition especial when done in same location. There is usually a dinner served long hours into the event.


This refers to a presentation where sugar coated almonds are offered to the guest as a keepsake. This is to symbolize long lasting love. Although typically presented in an organdy or a cornet, however, a variety of presentations styles are emerging.


This is translated the croquembouche in English and refers to the conventional cake in French weddings in France. It usually takes the characteristic shape of a pyramid of choux buns filled with custard, using toffee to hold it to together.

It also comes in the macaron version which is gradually gaining popularity and presently considered a prettier alternative as a result of the variety of choices it offers – in terms of  colour and flavour. This is usually introduced towards the end of the dinner.


Typical of every wedding in France is the striking pyramid of flutes or coupes and is usually the evening’s highlight, at the serve/pouring of the Champagne into the top glass and which from there fills all the below glasses. It is preferred to use professionals for this display, especially if you want it done perfectly to impress your guests.


This is one item you can never take away from a French cuisine and it is translated the Onion soup. This wedding takes a special place in every French wedding. It is usually served in the early hours of the morning as it helps in recovering from a long partying night.

Photo credit: Kimberly Santana Photography