As one of the most traditional parts of a wedding reception, the wedding cake is not only a delicious confection to enjoy at the end of the night, but it also has a bit of history and symbolism that goes along with it.
Dating back to the Roman times, the wedding cake is the symbol of good luck or fortune – especially if a piece was crumbled over the head of the bride. Today, the general idea behind the wedding cake is that the couple cuts it together, takes a bite, and then passes out pieces to all the guests. This symbolizes the beginning of the couple’s union as they cut the wedding cake for the first time and then feed each other, which highlights that they will provide and care for each other going forward.
While not all brides and grooms put – or want – that much intention behind the wedding cake design, the delicious treat is still definitely a photographic moment for the couple. No longer is the cake just a dessert to enjoy at the end of the reception, but rather a work of art that complements the wedding theme or style and is like the finishing touch – or the icing on the cake for the entire wedding!
For brides who want something more modern, there are plenty of wedding cake styles that incorporate contemporary touches – naked cakes, monochromatic frosting and even cake toppers transform the beauty of a wedding cake instantly. While wedding cake is still a traditional option, couples are opting for alternative desserts, ranging from pie bars, dessert stations and cupcakes.


Photo credit: Kristi Gayton Photography

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