Nancy and Rick’s Magical Spring Engagement
We love a good love story, and we especially love hearing about all of your romantic proposal stories! This week we’re sharing with you Nancy and Rick’s spring engagement, and the story behind Rick’s proposal. You see, back in 2014 our couple went on a trip to Paris, what many of us consider as the city of love. By this point they had already been dating for a while-since 2007, and had even built a house together! They had a wonderful time there, enjoying everything the city had to offer, but when they returned from the trip, everyone was asking to see Vanessa’s hand. They thought he had proposed to her  in Paris, but since he hadn’t, it soon became a running joke on what boyfriend brings his girlfriend all the way to Paris and doesn’t propose to her?
That’s why, in 2016, Rick decided to bring Paris to her in his proposal. Blindfolded, she was asked that if she could be anywhere in the world, where would she be. She answered, Paris, and once he removed the blindfold, saw that he had transformed the room into a Paris cafe! Flowers, candles, an Eiffel Tower, and a table for two, with French music in the background. This time Rick did ask her to marry him, and you can guess what she answered. Enjoy Photographer HRM’s pictures on Nancy and Rick’s spring engagement!

Photographer:  HRM Photography//

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