Diamond Bridal Sponsors Jacqueline Ramos

Diamond Bridal Gallery is proud to sponsor Miss Citrus Heights, Jacqueline Ramos. If you don’t yet know the name Jacqueline Ramos, now’s the time! This 24-year old Sacramento native is a pageant winner for more than just her stunning looks—she is truly a pillar of the female community in San Francisco.

Jacqueline Ramos recently competed in the Miss Sacramento Valley and Miss California, USA pageants. She brought not only beauty and talent to the stage but also a unique voice fighting for the dignity and value of each person.

When you look at Jacqueline’s resume, it’s impossible not to be impressed. Her past and present are filled with volunteer work for her local community, but it’s her future that really stood out to us at Diamond Bridal Gallery. Her career ambition is to form an educational foundation that emphasizes encouraging those with mental health disabilities.

Jacqueline uses the beauty found in pageantry to spread goodness in her community. Because of her strong values, Diamond Bridal Gallery is thrilled to sponsor Jacqueline’s adventures in pageantry and beyond.

Furthermore, Jacqueline believes in the value of each individual. She focuses on enrichment for each and every child as they move forward in schooling and life. We love her focus on the uniqueness and specialness of each human—because we believe the same with our dresses! Diamond Bridal Gallery focuses on unique designs unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else. We work with the finest designers in bridal and evening wear to bring our ladies the most stunning array of one-of-a-kind gowns.

Jacqueline reminds us that everyone is stunning—inside and out. Diamond Bridal Gallery is proud to partner with Jacqueline on this journey to display and declare unique and rare beauty for all women!