5 Steps To Perfect Wedding Hair

Whether you’re the bride, bridesmaid, or mother of the bride, you want gorgeous hair that will look great in photos—and on the dance floor!

So how can you ensure that your hair stays flawless from the early morning into the wee hours of the night?

  1. Choose the perfect style.

Just like your dress and your accessories, your hairstyle is a representation of you. You don’t need to choose a “trendy” style or a “conventional” style—go with a look that fits your personality! Pick a style that you feel comfortable in. If you always wear your hair straight, your wedding is probably not the time to try out curls. If you love beach waves, let your hair flow freely!

You also want to choose a style that will work well with your dress. For example, you might want your hair up to show off an intricate back. If you have a sleeveless dress, you may want a long and luscious hair-down style.

  1. Practice beforehand.

Whoever will be doing your hair needs time to practice—because practice makes perfect! Whether it’s a professional, your mom, or you, you want to try out the style a few times to really nail it down before the big day.

Plus, you’ll be able to see if there is anything about the style you don’t like. You can make tweaks in hair products to ensure they hold, and you’ll know how long it takes to create the look (so you’ll know how much time you’ll need on the wedding day itself).

Pro-Tip: Bring a friend with you to one of the practice trials to get their honest opinion about the style.

  1. Utilize your accessories.

Choose a style that will work with your veil, crown, and hair accessories. What kind of hairstyle will look best with the accessories you’ve chosen? Even take into account your earrings and necklace! For example, if you want to show off the hoop earrings your mother gave you, you may want to wear an up-do.

Furthermore, always practice with your hair accessories. Each trial run should look exactly the way you want to look on your wedding day in order to avoid unexpected surprises.

  1. Use the right hairspray.

No matter what style you choose, hairspray is a must! Hairspray will settle flyaway hairs and keep curls, pins, and waves in place.

But you want to choose the right hairspray for your type of hair. If you have naturally wild hair, you want a hairspray that can control frizz and fight humidity. If you have pin-straight hair, you will want a volumizing spray that will give it body to hold your style for several hours.

When you practice your hairstyle in the months leading up to the wedding, try out different sprays. Use your favorite hairspray on the day of to ensure there are no flat-hair or flyaway surprises!

  1. Prep your hair.

In order to make the style look great, your hair itself needs to be healthy and strong. The week before your wedding, it’s time to prep and primp your hair so it will be naturally glowing on your wedding day.

One week before, do a thorough hair mask. Masks can strengthen, condition, and heal split ends and coarseness, so your hair will look and feel beautiful!

Don’t over-wash your hair. In the week prior to your wedding events, wash it less often than you usually would. This will allow your hair’s oils to naturally revitalize and moisturize the strands.

You may also want to avoid washing your hair the day of—especially if you are going to be curling your hair. Curls hold better in unwashed hair, because they are able to grab on to the hair’s oils better. Talk to your stylist about how you should prep your hair for your specific style.

Don’t be afraid to try out different styles. Get opinions from family and friends. Practice the look before the big day comes. Just remember—your wedding is your special day, and your hairstyle should make you feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful!

Photo Credit: karma hill photography