You love your tattoo and it’s a special part of you, but for whatever reason you don’t want it showing on your wedding day. Maybe you have religious reasons, you don’t want it in pictures, or it simply doesn’t match with your décor! Whatever the reason that you want it concealed for your wedding,don’t fret! Here are the top three ways to cover your tattoo without muss or fuss!

When choosing the right option for hiding your tattoo, you have to take into account the size and location of the tattoo. Below you’ll find the top techniques for different types of concealment.

  1. Jewelry/Accessories

If you have a small to medium-sized tattoo located on your chest, wrists, ankle, or neck, we recommend first trying to cover it with jewelry or accessories. This is a great way to add style to your wedding outfit while also hiding your tattoo! Plus, you will not have to worry about applying or reapplying makeup on the day of your wedding.

A lot of women will choose a statement necklace to cover up chest or collarbone tattoos, or they will opt for a set of bangle bracelets to cover up wrist ones! These are great options because you can add your own style, and they won’t feel uncomfortable to wear throughout the day. They will just be like another accessory to your gorgeous wedding ensemble!

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Another option is to find a dress that will cover the tattoo! For example, a high neckline will cover up chest tattoos, long sleeves can cover arm ones, and dresses with intricate backs will hide a back tattoo!

  1. Concealer/Foundation

If you have a larger tattoo or your tattoo is unable to be hidden with an accessory (like a shoulder or upper back location), then you’ll want to try covering it up with makeup! Makeup is a good option to show off your skin in a natural way. You can cover a tattoo the same way you might cover a pimple—it just takes a few extra layers of concealer!

Always start with the appropriately colored concealer. For example, if you have a red or pink tattoo, you will want to cover over it with a green-based makeup. If your tattoo has primarily blue and black inks, you will want to use a heavy yellow cream makeup. You should use a complementary colored concealer to drown out the colors in your tattoo. Primer shades can also help to block out the base tones of tattoos.

After it is covered, you put foundation over it. You’ll want to use three different tones: one that perfectly matches your skin, the second is a shade lighter, and the third is two shades lighter. Apply the foundation in layers, going from lightest to darkest (so the top layer should be the foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone). This will give a natural, glowing look while hiding the lines in your tattoo!

Pro-Tips: Use a concealer brush, not your fingers. Keep the makeup directly on the tattoo and don’t spread it around on your skin too much, It may look unusual to you, but your guests won’t notice the layers of makeup—they’ll just see flawless skin! Use a staying powder as the top layer to help your makeup last longer.

Keep in mind that you will want to bring concealer and foundation with you throughout the day. You will likely need to re-touch the makeup, especially if you sweat it off at the reception!

  1. Airbrushing

Some brides choose to invest in airbrushing for their wedding day. Airbrushing is good for larger tattoos, because it is dispersed in even, thin layers. It’s natural and sheer, so no cakey makeup! To cover tattoos, artists usually use an alcohol- or silicone-based airbrushing system. They will lightly “blow” on the varying shades of makeup in several layers to fully conceal the tattoo. Although this is a great option, it can get a bit pricey and time consuming.

Consult with a makeup artist to see how they would recommend camouflaging your tattoo!

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