These 4 Sites Will Spruce Up Your Wedding

Want to take your wedding planning to the next level? These four sites and apps will turn wedding planning into wedding partying!

Carats & Cake

Carats & Cake is similar to Pinterest in that you can scroll through and look at gorgeous photos from real-life weddings. It shows a rundown list of all of the vendors involved in each of those photographs. You like the shoes the bride is wearing in that photo? Buy a pair for yourself! You love the aesthetic of the photography? Check out that photographer’s website!

Riley & Grey

A lot of couples are choosing to create wedding websites to show off their love and centralize all of their wedding info for their guests. Riley & Grey has stunning, modern site templates that are easy to navigate and highly customizable. You can include bridal-party bios, tips and tricks about the venue or hotel, and even embed links to Kayak (for flights) or Google Maps (for directions). These sites are a beautiful way to share your romance, your story, and your wedding plans with those you love most.


Registering for wedding gifts can be incredibly fun—but also incredibly overwhelming. What if you like china from one store and cups from another? Zola helps you register for everything you want and more in one spot! They have the typical items you would find in a department store, but they also have specialty and handmade goods.

Plus, guests can coordinate right on Zola if they want to pool their money for a group gift for more expensive items. The best part? Any items you don’t get from your registry are discounted at 10% for up to one year after your wedding date—you’ll easily be able to furnish your house with everything you need (and want).


Don’t want too much stuff crowding your first home? You can register for activities and experiences through Newlywish! Your guests can gift you dance lessons, cooking classes, spa certificates, music and sporting tickets, restaurant gift cards, and even interior-design consultations! You can also set up a honey moon fund that your wedding goers can give to! Newlywish makes those post-wedding date nights pile up!

A wedding is an experience you’ll never forget—but you can make it even more unforgettable with the help of these fun wedding-prep sites!

Photo: Emindee Images