When Should You Plan Your Honeymoon?

The honeymoon is the most romantic, carefree trip you’ll likely ever take! So you don’t want to ruin it before it even starts because of a rushed, stressful planning process!

So when should you start planning? How can you making organizing your honeymoon a breeze?

The short answer: start planning early!

You don’t want to stress yourself out with one more thing in the midst of the wedding planning process. Most travel plans can be done at least a year in advance, so get it out of the way. Plus, the earlier you book, the better the deals!

Generally, we recommend planning the honeymoon right after you pick a date and find a venue. Once the wedding day itself is finalized, then you can start planning your couple’s vacation! Thankfully, the honeymoon planning is not dependent on any of the other wedding details except for the date. This means that you can organize the honeymoon quickly and efficiently right after your engagement to get it out of the way and focus on the details of your event.

Once you figure out the general overview of your honeymoon—start planning!

What to take into account:

When are you going?

Are you going to be leaving right after the wedding? Will you be going a week later or a month later? Will you be going before the wedding?

Make sure to think about when you and your partner can take off from work. Are there busy seasons at your job that you need to take into account? Let your boss know as far in advance as possible when you will be going on your honeymoon, so everyone can be prepared for your absence—and so they won’t bother you while you’re trying to relax and explore with your new spouse!

How long will you be gone for?

Will you be going for five days or a whole month? The length of the vacation also determines the amount of time you will need to put into planning and how far in advance you’ll need to plan. For example, going on a two-week excursion around France will require more in-depth organizing than a few days in a secluded resort in Colorado.

Where do you want to go?

This also means that you need to plan in accordance with your travel destination. Planning international trips can be more intricate than domestic trips. Choosing your location can help to understand how long you will need to properly prepare and organize.

Are you going to work with an agent?

If it’s in the budget, you may want to consider working with a travel agent. An agent can take away the stress of planning a vacation by organizing your travel, accommodations, and even your activities. Work with them to discuss how much you want to sightsee versus relax, in which kinds of cuisine you are interested, and what you hope to get out of the vacation. They can also find you great deals and give great tips for your trip! Let them handle the details, so you can focus on celebrating!

If you don’t want to work with an agent, get help from your partner and family. Organizing a trip by yourself can be stressful, and you don’t want to “miss” any key features, like forgetting to book a night or only buying one airline ticket.

Although spontaneous can be sexy, your honeymoon is not the time to “wing it.” Plan your honeymoon far in advance to keep stress levels down and relaxation levels high! Happy traveling, lovebirds!

Photo by Mink Photography