The 4 Best Apps to Help You Plan Your Wedding

If you’re planning a wedding without a traditional wedding planner or event coordinator, you have a challenging job ahead of you! But you have a fun and exciting job ahead of you, too!

To make self-planning your wedding a little bit easier, here are our top four favorite apps that will give you all the tools you need to make your preparation as easy as a slice of delicious wedding cake!


If you’re just starting out the planning process, look no further than WeddingWire! WeddingWire has over 200,000 local listings of vendors and venues, with over 3 million reviews by real and honest brides! You can easily search restaurants, hotels, locations, DJs, florists, caterers, photographers… the list goes on and on!

It also offers inspiration guides and a plethora of planning tools like budget templates, checklists, and even a guest list planner. You can use WeddingWire online or on your mobile phone, so your planning can always be up-to-date and accessible to you wherever, whenever, and however you want!

Wedding Happy

Wedding Happy is your digital personal planner. It’s preloaded with wedding tasks and templates that will bring you through every step of the wedding planning process by assigning you to dos and deadlines. It will alert you when it’s time to accomplish a new task, such as pay deposits, mail your invites, buy your cake, and more. You can also share these events with others in your wedding party, so everyone is always on time—and you don’t have to waste time sending out mass emails!


If you want a digital planner with a little more personal touches and control, Trello is a great online-planner that isn’t wedding specific. Trello allows you to make columns of different categories and color-coded labels. You can also attach photos and documents to your “to do” cards. For example, you can have a card called “Pay DJ” and then after you pay him, you can attach the receipt to use for later budgeting.

It allows you to set deadlines and it will automatically email you reminders, so you will never miss a to task. You can even use this for other aspects of your life while wedding planning! It’s a great place to organize everything in one area. You can also add other users, like your partner or family members, so they can stay organized with your color-coded wedding updates as well.


One of the most challenging parts of planning a wedding is the dreaded seating chart! You send a photo of your venue to AllSeated, and they will give you a 3D rendering of the space! This way you can digitally arrange tables, chairs, bars, furniture, and more! You can even assign place settings right on the rendering—it’s time get rid of that unmanageable poster board!

You can then share this graphic with your vendors to ensure everyone knows where to go. AllSeated makes the room look perfect when you make your grand entrance!

With the help of these apps, your wedding planning will be as simple as 1-2-3! Good luck, and don’t forget that Diamond Bridal Gallery is here to help you with all of your wedding planning needs!