How To Use Social Media At Your Wedding

Social media permeates today’s society, and for a good reason! It helps you stay connected to family and friends, in the same way a wedding can bring friends and family together! The Huffington Post found that 76% of wedding guests posted to Facebook and 54% used Instagram!

So how can you use social media at your wedding in a way that is classy and elegant, while emphasizing that “friends and family” vibe?

  1. Create an Instagram hashtag.

One of the most popular social media wedding techniques is the Instagramhashtag. Your wedding guests will most likely use Instagram to show off your décor, dress, and the fun their having. Create a personalized hashtag they can use with their pictures.

When you search that hashtag, all of your photos will be in one place! It’s like having 100 photographers, 100 perspectives, and 100 memories all for the free-price of a hashtag!

Check out this hashtag generatorto create the perfect, unique hashtag for your event!

  1. Share your wedding Instagram hashtag.

In order for the tag to be useful, you have to tell your guests what the hashtag is and then make sure they use it! You can spread the news on social media, put it in your Save the Date or your invitations, include it on signs at pre-wedding events, and have it displayed at your wedding.

You don’t want your wedding hashtag to take over your day, but use a tasteful sign to display the tag that can act as another layer of décor. You can even make the sign photo-worthy itself, so people will want to take pictures next to the hashtag sign!

  1. Create a Snapchat filter.

The other most popular form of wedding social media is Snapchat. If you’re a Snapchat user, chances are you’ve seen tons of Snap videos of the bride and groom cutting the cake, little kids enjoying the dance floor, and grandma crying in the corner.

A great way to personalize this platform is to easily create a Snapchat filter! You’re able to set a geofilter based on location and time span that lets your guests (and others in the nearby vicinity) show off your wedding as the destination spot! It’s easy to design or download your own template—and you can even get analytics on how your filter performs! Check out this step-by-step instruction by SnapMyWedding. (There is a minimal cost of creation to keep in mind.)

  1. Make a photo booth.

That’s right— take a move out of the prom playbook. Photo booths are a great way to create memories for your bridal party and guests. Set up a backdrop with fun props, like mustaches, hats or flowers, and let people come and take selfies or capture a picture with the photographer. Get more useful tips about designing and making your own wedding photo booth here.

  1. Put the phones away.

While it can be a blast to use social media at the wedding, you don’t want your guests on their phones the whole time. Encourage your family and friends to use their phones for pictures, but stay away from social media until the end of the night.

You can even play a game with your bridal party: who can go the longest without checking their social media accounts? This will help keep the fun focused on the event, and social sharing comes the following morning (when everyone is in bed on their phones after a long night of dancing and eating).

Remember that social media is a great way to share memories—but you can also use it to make them too! With a hashtag, geofilter, and photo booth, your guests will have a blast taking pictures, making memories, and celebrating you!