How To Plan Your Wedding On Pinterest

Pinterest is the ultimate wedding planner. From little girls imagining their special wedding to full-grown brides counting down the days until they stride down the aisle, Pinterest is the perfect spot for daydreams and inspiration to flourish. With the simple tap of a heart, you can completely unlock your own heart’s wedding desire!

  1. Create different wedding boards.

People make the mistake of making a single Pinterest board called “Wedding.” This may work if you are planning your wedding but maybe still have to find your other half… but it can be a bit unorganized if you’re actually using Pinterest to help you plan your wedding. Instead, have different boards for different pieces of your event. Wedding board names could include:

  • Bridal Dresses
  • Bridesmaids Dresses
  • Shoes
  • Special Touches
  • Gifts
  • Colors
  • Flowers
  • Centerpieces
  • Themes
  • Hairstyles
  • DIY
  • Bridal Shower
  • Engagement Party
  • Food
  • Cake
  • Jewelry
  • Rings
  • Photography Ideas

Even that list of possible boards feels overwhelming—that’s a lot of planning! That’s why separating out all of the different elements can help you plan in an easier, simpler, and more organized way!

  1. Share your Pinterest boards with others.

Want your mom to see the “special touches” you’re thinking of? Want to get your bridesmaids’ opinions on their dresses? If you have a different selection of wedding boards, you can share individual boards with certain relevant family and friends, so they can be in on the wedding planning fun!

  1. Just browse.

If you’re struggling to come up with themes, colors, and more, stop stressing about it. Take a breath, sit on the couch, and start browsing Pinterest (download the app on your phone or use it on your laptop).

Don’t go on Pinterestwith a goal in mind of what you want to find. Instead, just start looking and clicking around—let the Pinterest path roam free! Pin what you love.

The next day, go back to your boards and you’ll likely see some patterns starting to emerge of items you pinned! Now you can start to narrow your options down based on your inner wants and not on the external stimuli of traditional wedding planning.

  1. Follow wedding pinners.

You can “follow” other pinners or specific pinners’ boards. If there is a bridal website or magazine that you love, see if they have a Pinterest account! They will likely post more concise photos and snippets of information that will allow you to quickly look through and save the info and styles you like the most!

You can also look through the Pinterest catalog of wedding ideas:

Don’t forget that your wedding is about you, and your wedding planning should be done in your own way! You can use Pinterest as a tool to help simplify the process, and make it fun and exciting. Pinterest is a great way to share the planning experience with friends and family, or can be an outlet to unearth your true wedding desires!


Photgraphy: Emindee Images and Joshua Rainey Photography