The Collections of Rania Hatoum

Rania Hatoum is known for her globally inspired bridal designs, blending the simple with the intricate in one elegant piece. You can always tell a Hatoum dress by the intricacies along the seams and shoulders. You’ll notice that most of the design elements happen in the parts of the dress that hug the wearer tightest: hips, shoulders, and midway down the back.

In her recent collections, you’ll find very minimalistic bodices with light detailing on the sleeves and back. These dresses are timeless and classic, with their intricacies weaving a story of the wearer’s personality and romantic love story. These dresses are for the radiant bride who always imagined herself in a traditionally timeless white or ivory gown, but wants to add a unique spin.

All day, we admire these Rania Hatoum dresses hanging on our racks! We know they’ll look just as beautiful on you, so stop into Diamond Bridal Gallery to try on one of these sophisticated, timeless pieces for yourself!