Your wedding gown is one of the most personal and endearing aspects of your wedding. It’s also one of the only wedding-specific mementos that can stand the test of time—as long as you treat it correctly.

Your wedding dress is like a piece of artwork in a museum: certain measures have to be taken to keep its beauty intact. Your dress needs to be protected from long-term damage like yellowing, permanent creases, mildew and mold, oxidation spots, lighting, vermin, and insects.

How Do You Preserve Your Dress?

When preserving your dress, you may want to have it professionally cleaned, wrapped, and sealed. There are preservation companies that will send you a kit with everything you need, and then they will professionally preserve your dress according to your gown’s specific needs.

They will look at the precise material and embellishments and clean the dress accordingly. They will then wrap it in acid-free tissue paper and place it in an archival box. If you choose to use a preservation company, be sure you ask a lot of questions and read reviews. Contact Diamond Bridal Gallery if you would like to discuss preservation companies and ideas.

The most important part is the cleaning, since stains can set and worsen through the years. If stains aren’t attacked right away, your dress will not be able to be cleaned in the future.

If you are preserving at home, you will want to wrap your gown in pre-washed, unbleached muslin after cleaning and lay it in a wedding chest. Do not put colored tissue paper or other colored items in the chest with your dress, as it could stain if the color gets wet and bleeds.

Before you preserve, don’t:

  • Wrap your dress in plastic. This can trap moisture inside and cause damage to the dress in just a few days. Instead, leave it open until it is cleaned and properly sealed.
  • Hang the dress on a wooden or wire hanger. This can stretch and crease the fabric. Instead, use a plastic, padded, or fabric hanger.

Where Should You Preserve Your Dress?

Keep your dress in a cool, dark, and dry environment. Attics and unfinished basements have extreme temperatures and moisture hangs around, and this can damage the dress even if it is properly preserved. A good rule of thumb is to store your gown and other wedding mementos in an environment you would feel comfortable. Under the bed or in your closet in a fire-proof wedding chest will ensure it stays safe and away from harm, no matter what.

A proper preservation allows your dress to remain fresh and looking like new, so you can take a trip down memory lane or hand it down when your daughter gets married years later!Contact Diamond Bridal Gallery for more information on preserving our dresses.