Lauren and Danny’s “High School Sweetheart” Wedding

Lauren Ritch and Danny Hallihan have flipped the idea of “high school sweethearts” on its head. Lauren was teaching music at the local high school when she met Danny, the new tennis coach. Love at first sight is anything but an understatement for these two! At DBG, we like to picture them locking eyes from across the hall, through a sea of high schoolers oblivious to their blossoming love.

They had a whirlwind romance that led to a spontaneous, love-filled engagement shortly after they met. When you know, you know! Their beautiful, bohemian wedding was held in Asheville, North Carolina, where they danced in the grass underneath the dusky air. Everyone was fed from their favorite local food truck, playing into the couple’s innocent, pure, and goofy love!

The wedding was a beautiful memory for all involved, and it was an even more beautiful start to Lauren and Danny’s new life together! We’re so happy the photographer Danielle Defayette captured this unique event in such stunning photos!

Congrats to these sweethearts who truly teach us the splendor of love!

Photographer:  Danielle Defayette Photography//Event Venue:Laughing Waters Retreat//