Finding your perfect wedding dress can be stressful—unless you have the right tools. Here are five tips to help you discover your dream gown.

1. Take a look in your closet.

Before trying on hundreds of dresses, look at what you wear everyday. What kind of cuts and fabrics do you tend towards? Understanding your body type, the styles you are comfortable in, and the shapes that best accentuate your features will help steer you in the right direction.

2. Consider the venue.

When and where is the wedding? A fall wedding in the mountains is different than a spring wedding in a church, which is different than a beach destination wedding. Thus, the type of dress you choose should also vary to match the time and place of your event. This does not mean that if you are having a spring wedding you can’t wear the long-sleeved dress you’ve always dreamed of—just keep your surroundings in mind when looking at styles. Your bridal shop associates can help you match your dream dress with your venue.

3. Involve your friends and family.

Invite anyone whose opinions you trust to come with you to the bridal shop. Don’t invite everyone; you don’t want too many cooks in the bridal-kitchen. Still, having friends and family present makes the experience fun and less stressful. Make it clear that you have the final say—but it’s exciting and affirming to see their faces when you’ve found the perfect dress. The best part? They’re all there to support you.

4. There is no magic number.

Keep in mind that there is no perfect number of dresses you’ll try on before you find “the one.” It may be the first one you try, and it may be the sixtieth. Don’t get frustrated if you haven’t found the right one in a certain period of time. You will find the perfect dress, guaranteed. So just relax, and relish the experience. Similar to love, it finds you when you’re not looking for it—and your dream dress is bound to find you if you’re having fun and enjoying yourself.

5. Focus on the feel of the dress.

Many bridal shops don’t allow photographs of women in their dresses, because it’s common to criticize the dress or their appearance. Focus instead on the positives. How does the dress make you feel? Do you feel amazing, beautiful, free, ecstatic, romantic, princess-y? Remember that there is no correct response to finding the perfect dress—you may cry, you may not, and you may feel like you’re more in love with the dress than with your significant other. Whatever reaction you have is valid.

If you understand that everyone experiences gown shopping differently, you’ll feel calmer and more prepared. With the right tools and attitude, you’ll be sure find the perfect dress!