Allison and Andrew Engagement

Prepare yourself for a trip back in time as you gaze at the setting for Allison and Andrew’s sunrise engagement shoot, none other than Swan House Mansion!  First built in 1928, it was the lavish home of the In man family. Today a historic house museum, it became the romantic setting for Allison and Andrew’s engagement. Hellen Oliveira Photography took pictures as our couple soaked in the fresh air and strolled across the grounds of the mansion. With all the wonderful scenery, the only decorations were bright red ribbons that adorned the stairs and the bridge outside, standing out nicely against the warm colors of the trees. There’s so much love and peacefulness between Allison and Andrew; looking through you can see in every picture how much they adore one another.

Photographer:  Hellen Oliveira Photography//Museum:The Swan House Mansion//