Tom Hamawy combines European details with New York flair in his bridal and evening gowns—a style that’s equal parts elegant and playful, sophisticated and trendy.

He was born in Beirut, Lebanon and raised in the garment business through his family’s clothing firm. He grew up learning the ins and outs of the industry, from style and design to operations and trend watching. He first apprenticed with a traditional women’s clothier, which made him cement his passion for fashion early on.

He studied in Paris, where he was educated in French fashion design. He learned old-world methods of couture and handiwork that would prove invaluable when he later started his own line.

His journey brought him to New York, and in 2007 he began his collection of bridal and evening gown couture. From Paris to New York—the fashion capitals of the world— he always carried with him his culture, his training, and his family’s vocation.

His gowns include a mixture of lace and ruffle elements, as reflective of his European training, as well as urban silhouettes that derive from his New York present. We are pleased to offer the bridal and evening dresses from this inspiring, fashion-driven designer at Diamond Bridal Gallery!