Lace Dresses by Solo Merav 

Lace has always been a sophisticated way to add a sexy touch to a traditional gown— but it was fully reborn and enhanced when Kate Middleton wore a lace gown on her royal wedding day. Since then, the fashion world (and us at Diamond Bridal Gallery)can’t get enough lace, which highlights the beautiful features of a blushing bride. Some dresses are completely lace, some are lace sleeves, and some have lace detailing—but no matter how you wear it, lace is a great feature that texturizes and enriches a wedding gown or evening dress.

One of our favorite lace design lines is Solo Merav, whose collections focus on stunning styles and gorgeous details that add a mysterious sexiness to elegant dresses. In her collections, you’ll find a wide range of styles of unique wedding gowns for women all over the globe!

In a Merav design, you’ll look as regal as you feel on your wedding day with embroidered flowers, lace designs, or draping tool trains. Solo Merav dresses are for the wistful romantic looking for a traditional fairy tale—with a sensual spin. We adore how she uses lace to transform a simply cut gown into an extraordinary work of art.

You can find out more about the designer Merav here. And stop by Diamond Bridal Gallery March 23-26 to see these sensual, sophisticated lace—and other—dresses at our Solo Merav trunk show!