Meghan and Eric’s Rustic Woods Engagement

The first time Meghan saw Eric, it was at his father’s car repair shop, where Meghan was trying to get her car fixed. After that day Meghan came to frequently stop by the repair shop, under the pretext of her car having a “lot of problems.” Her visits soon resulted in the pair going on their first date, and after some time, they became engaged. Bay City State Park, Michigan was the destination for their engagement. It was very sweet seeing the two  show their love and affection. Or should I say the three of them. They also brought along their furry, four-legged friend with them, a cute Remington dog, and couldn’t be happier to be captured all together by JD Howell Photography. As for the attire, Meghan and Eric went for matching attire for their first outfit: navy blue gilts, checkered long sleeve shirts, and blue jeans.  For their second outfit they decided to dress in simple, classy clothes.

It was a wonderful rustic woods and beach engagement;here are a few shots of the session at the park!

Photographer:  JDHowell Photography//Other Location:Bay City State Park//