A Spotlight on Designer Julie Vino

Julie Vino is a wedding dress and evening wear designer with a uniquely modern take on classic styles. She began her brand five years ago in Jaffa-Tel-Aviv, and since then she has become a successful designer due to her intense passion and love for the gown. She blends fashion trends with the traditional wedding dress to create an elegant gown that is both chic and timeless. She focuses on flattering cuts and Lacey textures to create an exquisite and one-of-a-kind gown. We absolutely adore that she gathers inspiration and materials from all over the globe—like ethnic handmade brocade from India, lace from France, and embroidered fabrics from Italy.

Vino’s design focus is twofold: quality and style. She utilizes only the best fabrics and ensures a perfectly tailored dress each and every time. She also sculpts each gown’s bodice to create a slimming and feminine silhouette. She considers the process to be a  “magical creation of the wedding dress” and she understands that the bride is a key partner in the maker of the gown. With every stitch, she thinks of the bride who will be wearing the dress.

Each collection is inspired by a different idealistic city across the world, bringing a distinct and romantic flair to every piece.  When we think of Julie Vino’s designs, we think of quality, exclusivity, and elegance.

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