6 Wedding Planning Resolutions to make in the New Year

The New Year is just round the corner. It is the time for making your resolutions. You have already made the biggest decision of your life in choosing your life partner. These resolutions would seem too small in comparison. However, you would have to make certain resolutions for your wedding to run smoothly. Let us look at six such resolutions a bride should always make.

1. Never finalize anything before drawing up the guest list.

You might have a small pool of guests. You would never know the number of guests that would turn up from the groom side. It would be better to sit down with the groom and finalize his list as well. Otherwise, you might end up having a small hall with overflowing guests. It would be a nightmare to control the crowd.

2. Never mind what happens, be positive

Planning for a wedding can be a traumatic experience. It can get on your nerves. The chances are that you would lose your cool. In case that happens, you would not be in the best state of mind. Therefore, resolve to be cool and stay positive all the time. It would be a tough resolution to keep up.

3. Choose the dress and jewelry that you love

It would be tempting to go for a dress recommended by someone else. Never succumb to the temptation. You would be at your natural best when you do or wear things that you love. Remember, it is your wedding. You decide the clothes and jewelry you wear.

4. Never say Yes when you want to say No

This would be a big dilemma in life. You might just not want a long list of guests. Never succumb to peer pressure and agree when your heart and mind says otherwise. Your prospective mother-in-law might wish to accompany you when you choose your dress. If you wish otherwise, be firm, but polite. You would not like to begin a new innings on the wrong foot.

5. Do not fall into the trap of comparisons

It would be natural for people to start comparing with others. Remember that each person is unique in this world. Your necklace might have a different combination of diamonds in comparison with that of your best friends’. What suits your best friend might just not suit you at all. That does not mean your choice is bad, etc.

6. Enjoy the wedding and be happy

You would have a lot of planning to do. You may feel stressed out on your wedding night. Just relax and enjoy your wedding as if you are the guest and not the bride. Delegate the planning activities to someone else on the day of the wedding.


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