Say hello to her Royal Highness, Majesty Rose. She measures a bit over 14 inches in diameter in this tutorial. If you want it to be bigger, around 18 inches, add 5th layer of extra large petals.  This is certainly an intermediate to advanced paper flower. So if you are new to crafting in generally or paper crafts I suggest starting with a more basic giant flower. Check out this great post on ‘Easy method to building any giant paper flower’ First let’s go over supplies and petal count.


Scissors and/or cutting machine (You can use Cricut) Glue gun and sticksTemplates (Available for Purchase)65 lb card stock in color of your choiceCircle punch (you can use a small cut square if you don’t have one or cut a circle with your machine) Patience, one more time….Paaaatienccce… Petal CountWe will be working in layers. Each layer represents a different petal size. There are 4 petal sizes for this flower and a center. 1st layer = Largest petal2nd layer = Next size down.. and so on..1st layer 8-9 petals2nd layer 7-8 petals3rd layer 6-7 petals4th layer 8 petals (you will be splitting these into groups of 4)2 center petal cuts

Cut 1 1/2-2 inch slits in the middle

2. And then overlap slightly.

3. Glue the inner edge of the petals together forming a circle as shown above. 

4. Connect the petals and glue a circle over the open hole on the bakcside

5. You can now going to continue the same way with the next 2 layers

Center of the Flower

6. This is where this becomes a bit more advanced..

7. Start with one of your center petal cuts and wrap the two petal pieces opposite to each other around one another. 


8. Repeat with the two remaining. Leaving a little space as you go. 

9. Glue your first center piece onto the second center piece. 

10. Repeat the same process leaving a bit of space. 

11. Now for your 4th small layer of petals you will cut slits and overlap like the other 3 layers, but with these 8 petals you will give a crease that the bottom as shown above. This is going to help them stand up better. 

12. Glue your first 4 petals around kinda like a square. 

13. Then glue the last 4 between the first 4 petals as shown. 

14. Glue in your center and admire your pretty flower!

To purchase template please click here

Big Thank Your to Abigail for sharing this step by step tutorial.