Sarah and Aaron Southern Country DIY Elopement

There are quite a few of surprise proposal stories flying around, where one partner takes the bride to what’s supposed to be a date, when he surprises the person with a marriage proposal. This couple’s love story is pretty much the same, except for the fact that in this situation, the bride, Sarah, knew what was going on beforehand.  For one thing, she knew Aaron had asked her father for permission via letter, plus he had made sure that her nails were painted the night before. She was moved by his intentions, and once he brought her to the botanical gardens in Fayetteville, he got down on one knee and popped the question. With all the love in her heart, she accepted, and realized her sister had been taking pictures of the proposal!

They had a wonderful time after that, and soon after, they began planning their Southern Country DIY elopement. Sarah made the bouquets, the centerpieces, the painted decorations, and made sure everything had enough of her minty/teal color. It was very fun adding personal touches to the wedding, and they were thrilled with the end results! Their DIY backyard wedding looked amazing, with stunning details everywhere to be seen. Johanna Dye Photography photographed it all, to every last beautiful detail!