Amy and Colt September Wedding in Chota Falls

Imagine getting married under a 100 foot natural waterfall! Now that’s a romantic backdrop, and for Bolen and Drake, Chota Falls in Georgia became the perfect place for their magical wedding setting. Amy and her mother put a lot of thought into the detail and  decorations at the reception and Henry Luther from Chota Falls put it all in place with his creative talents. Since Colt is a hunter, they made centerpieces from deer antlers, silver and pewter containers filled with beautiful flowers. The bridesmaids all wore different dresses, but the color scheme was the same so the dresses fit together along with the bride’s gorgeous dress. The corsages were made by the bride herself, as well as champagne flutes for each one of her attendants. The wedding ran smoothly that day, and got only better when Amy surprised Colt with tickets to their honeymoon destination! It was a wonderful surprise, and the event ensued with even more enthusiasm and excitement, Cariad Photography photographing all the beautiful details and moments along the way. Bolen and Drake even took romantic pictures in front of the huge bonfire, making it into a striking backdrop for their wedding photos!

Photographer:  Cariad Photography//Reception Venue: Chota Falls//Floral Designer:Henry Luther Florist//Caterer: Viewpoint Catering//Submitted via Two Bright Lights