Mariya Farbinni at Diamond Bridal Gallery

Maria Farbinni is a wonderful wedding dress designer from Europe, who designs gowns of premium quality for brides everywhere. Her dresses are designed in her studio at New York, where the best of the best of seamstresses make and prepare from scratch each beautiful dress. Maria is well known by clients and her peers as a unique designer known for  her ability to create a fresh new gem of a dress. Classy, elegant, sophisticated, magical, comfortable,  and flattering for every body type, Maria Farbinni’s bridal gowns were all born from a creative imagination, loving care, and an exceptional talent. She wants brides to feel confident and beautiful as they walk down the aisle, ready to start a new life with their partner. That’s why she pays close attention to each of her lovely gowns; she invests herself into every dress in order to honor the bride with her exquisite creations. On par with haute couture fashions, Maria Farbinni’s gowns are of fine quality, from a wide variety of satin, silk, lace, etc. One thing she absolutely loves is the timeless traditional elegance within classic styled gowns, and loves bringing her own modern touch to them in her designs.