Sentimental Gift Ideas for Newly Weds

Ah, romance is beaming and blossoming! You can see it in peoples eyes as they stroll carefree through the sands on our British beaches, ice creams in one hand, their partners loving embrace in the other. I am sure that at least once this summer, you have received a text or phone call or seen a post on social media exclaiming that one of your lucky friends said “YES!” to the most highly anticipated question on the planet.


After 40 years of married couples being on an all time low, 2016 has seen the numbers rise again to over 51% of over 16’s. What a wonderful statistic! So with marriage on the up, it’s not crazy to assume you may be attending a wedding or two this year! I’ve received invites for at least three upcoming weddings in late 2016 and early 2017, so I’ve been brainstorming gift ideas for newly weds ready for their big celebrations!


Occasionally on the invites the couples ask for specific items – perhaps they’re moving in together and wish to start collecting things for their new homes; appliances, decor, accessories, tools and cutlery, furnishing etc., or they may be hoping for money donations to put towards their honeymoon or to give to a chosen charity. Others simply want you to have a good time – but we all know you can’t turn up to the celebration of the century without a little gift, particularly if it’s family or a close friend. So, under the impression that you’ll be attending the ceremony of a close relative or buddy, I’ve compiled some ideas on sentimental gifts you can buy for the star closed lovers…


  1. Fingerprint Charm Jewelry – A truly special gift for those you adore and hope to cherish for a lifetime! Hold Upon Heart are a lovely family owned business who produce unique silver and gold fine jewelry that you can personalize with your hand, finger and foot prints, paw prints, names, dates, birthstones and additional charms. Select from an extensive range of necklaces, charms, bracelets, rings, leather goods and key chains. Ideal for a sister, brother or best friend, parent or immediate family member.
  1. Personalized Globe – For the adventurous couple that are planning on conquering the world, why not get them a household trinket to remind them of their whirlwind journeys or their future travel aspirations! Etsy have a great array of travel merchandise that you can customize with names and messages!
  1. Personalized home ware – for those moving in to their first home, personalized home ware is an ideal gift to get their humble abode set up with love and character! This spoon idea is not only sentimental but humorous too – and it won’t cost the world.

4. Personalized first dance record – A thoughtful idea for after the wedding of their dreams, is a framed record of the bride and grooms first dance song. A bit of nostalgia for them to hang in their          homes!