Elana and Brandon New York Engagement Shoot

VeroLuce Photography traveled to New York City to take Elana and Brandon’s engagement pictures because that is where their love story began. The photo shoot took place in November, which worked out perfectly because the weather was warm and sunny while still providing that gorgeous autumn foliage that is so spectacular in New York City at that time of year.

The couple took their engagement photos in two different locations – the Central Park Botanical Gardens and Riverside Park. Brandon and Elana’s love story dates back to 2014 when they were introduced by Elana’s younger sister — their relationship has since been filled with laughter and adventure, which is so beautifully captured in the engagement photos.

The natural landscape featured in each of their engagement photos adds just enough color and interest to complement the couple, while still keeping the focus on their love. VeroLuce Photography beautifully highlighted the love between these two and skillfully incorporated New York City’s finest landmarks throughout each image.

Photography: VeroLuce Photography