10 Ideas for Bridal Bouquets

Looking for flower inspiration? Here we have 10 ideas for a perfect bridal bouquet.


1. A medium sized hot pink and raspberry fresh bouquet brings a modern elegance to any wedding, setting up a symbolic and romantic atmosphere as well as offering a breathtaking compliment to the floral arrangements in the reception.


2. Simple and beautiful, a bouquet of purple orchids represent royalty, love, and beauty. For those who are considering a bouquet with just one flower type, arranging a single flower type arrangement can cut costs as well as create a gorgeous, edgy bouquet.


3. A bright orange bouquet brings in a burst of elegance and color with its gorgeous blooms! Not only does it look bold and colorful, but it’s also unique, bringing a captivating beauty to display for guests to admire and love!


4. Freshly-picked blossoms call for an unexpected, unique bouquet, perfect especially for summer beach weddings!


5. A rich mix of hot pink and white bouquet leaves a wonderful impression for the summer season!


6. Using several different species of flowers to create a big and beautiful bouquet, different shades of purple and green were chosen in flowers for a lovely combination that is modern and creative.


7. A classic arrangement of white flowers is timeless and simply gorgeous!


8. The warm-weather season calls onto fresh tulips to add the finishing look to brides. Capturing spring through its lovely sweet and feminine color and shape, this bouquet adds a simple and seasonal touch.


9. Brides wearing flower crowns or smaller floral accessories also pick a bouquet to match! Here we have a bouquet with more leaves that texture and depth to an otherwise all flower bouquet.


10. Larger, sumptuous bouquets are perfect for the voluptuous bride. Pale pink and white roses exude a highly aromatic fragrance, the bouquet providing a structured look for the traditional wedding.

Photography: Quetzal Photo