Top 6 Colors for Spring and Summer Bridesmaid Dresses

Pictures by Joel and  Amber Photography showcase the top 6 colors this spring and summer of 2016!




A lovely soft purple shade combines well with white wedding gown. An elegant beautiful color looks well on bridesmaids who are outgoing, charming, and classy, a sweet versatile color for the perfect wedding event.


Light yellow

Trendy yellow bridesmaid’s dresses look great alongside vibrant floral arrangements, bringing a bright and airy atmosphere to illuminate every room, a wonderful compliment to a warm ceremony and reception!



An appealing color of dark purple on bridesmaid gowns looks both polished and regal. They can be matched with lighter hues, such as a white bouquet, and even with a lighter shade of purple.



Always a favorite in weddings no matter the season, coral bridesmaid gowns are both sweet and feminine, fitting right in with the soft and romantic atmosphere. Coral also comes with so many possible color combinations; it’s definitely a favorite for a reason!



For a striking, bold appearance, bridesmaids prefer the purple color palette. Giving off a classic and stylish look, this color is great choice for bridesmaid’s attending summer weddings!


Jade and Hunter

Jade and hunter are a soft and soothing colors palette, very pleasing to the eye, also one of the most popular colors to use as a wedding theme. Delicate combinations of jade and hunter bring on a classic, elegant look. Overall, shade of jade and hunter stands out as an elegant colors, a must for weddings of every season

Photography: Joel and Amber Wedding Photography