2016 Trends hat will be gracing the aisles this wedding season

Spring is in full bloom which means that wedding season is about to begin. Brides are grooms have already started choosing their venues, outfits, menus, and floral arrangements for their big day. It’s your day so let your imagination run wild and design your location in the coolest, most innovative way possible. Choose floral arrangements that match with your personal sense of style and design aesthetics, and consider ingenious accessories that will transform an average setting into a dreamy wedding ceremony.

Intimacy prevails

Intimate, romantic weddings are the best. They have that sleek, modern appeal that brides adore. Choose a place that screams beauty and make it your own with customized accessories. Couples no longer fancy big weddings with hundreds of unknown guests; many want to actually enjoy their day. Intimate ceremonies are memorable and a lot more affordable too. Forget all about stress and strange people, and focus all your attention on the people that matter most to you. The best venues for a discreet wedding are cottages, mountain chalets, backyards and gardens.

Cottages – ideal wedding venues with a kick

Extravagant restaurants for a wedding location are expensive, and many don’t allow you to decorate it the way you want. Cottages on the other hand, feature an intimate atmosphere. They might look simple and average, but then again this gives couples an opportunity to decorate and make them their own. If the weather allows, have the ceremony outside. Let nature be your décor and enjoy the tranquility of a hill or mountain. Choose a cottage near a river or lake and your wedding photos will surely be unique.

Seasonal blooms

After you’ve selected the venue, move on to choosing the floral arrangements. Seasonal blooms with a woodland, wild aesthetic are the best for a cottage wedding. Apart from being locally grown, these will add a rustic touch to the theme of your wedding. This year’s biggest trend is centered on creative décor ideas that highlight the season. Wood-land inspired bouquets with foraged branches, ferns and additional greens are excellent choices.  Organic ball shaped bouquets are the new hype. Brides should focus more on fresh floral arrangements with a garden-like touch. Loose, interesting lines and unusual foliage and vines are great for decorating the venue. In terms of color, you should choose a predominant shade and then consider adjacent nuances.

No more vintage – go for boho-chic

This season the boho-chic wedding trend replaces the vintage. Include more eclectic elements into the décor of the venue, and add a touch of glam to the dress too. The classic wedding dress that is usually white with lace appliqués should feature discreet color splashes. A baby blue waist ribbon will give your gown a touch of originality and ingenuity. Match it with the color of the flowers and your wedding will have an unusual appeal that your guests will surely adore.

Rustic barn for venue


Another great choice of wedding venue is the rustic barn. Make it stand out with luxurious accessories and decorations – ghost chairs, crystal chandeliers, mirror tables and golden glasses will instantly make the décor pop. The country-rustic barn is easy to adorn with luxurious floral arrangements. If you’re not into season spring blooms, you can easily choose exotic arrangements in shades of yellow, deep red, and purple to give the location a royal allure.

Anything goes

This wedding trend should be your favorite. “Anything goes” basically abides by the following rule: it’s your day so you can do whatever you want and decorate it however you want to. Make the chosen venue your own and blend a huge collage of photos within the décor. Have everyone sign it! Choose colors that best complement you design aesthetics even though they’re not in trend; and last but not least, the cake: it should feature your favorite flavor.

Are you ready for wedding season? Is your big day this summer and you haven’t chosen a venue yet? Before getting started you should settle on a budget. Have a plan in mind and stick to it. Take things step by step and try not to stress over the little things. If you want a perfect wedding, then you need to be organized.

Guest Post by John Smith and Wildernessreserve.com!