Who should be in charge of a wedding budget?

Before you even get started on planning a wedding, it is a good idea for the couple to sit down and create a budget together. Some couples might prefer to let one or the other handle it, but being on the same page keeps the lines of communication open and allows both of you to have a say in where the money is spent. Wedding planning can be fun and exciting for a newly engaged couple, but often the stresses of planning come when the budget is disregarded or not made in the first place. There are plenty of ways to stay on budget with your wedding – some of the options include:

  • Serving dessert instead of a cake. If you don’t truly care about a cake, cupcakes or dessert table filled with pies, brownies or cookies and milk are all unique options your guests will love. If you really want a cake but it doesn’t fit in the budget, think about getting a mini cake for just the two of you to cut during the reception and then set up a dessert bar for the guests.
  • Limit the flowers. One of the most expensive aspects of a wedding are the flowers – if you are on a budget, think about different ways to dress up the tables without pricey bouquets. Vintage rentals, DIY centerpieces and even candles are beautiful ways to enhance a table. Spend money on your bouquet – otherwise, save on flowers to splurge on a different aspect of the party, such as food or drinks.

If one person really wants to have control over the planning process, come up with a budget number as a couple and try to stick to in while planning. Try to determine an average figure, as there are always things that come up during the planning process and you need to be able to adjust as you go.



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Photography: Ty Pentecost Photography