Wedding Traditions around the World(part 1)


There’s so many different wedding traditions and unique ideas around the world, that more often that not, we find ourselves borrowing from other cultures. Here are 5 different wedding traditions, all from different parts of the world.


  1. Peruvian cake pull

One interesting tradition in Peru is for the wedding cake to have many ribbons with small charms tucked into the cake, one strand attached to an inexpensive ring. A group of single ladies then come up and each pull from different strings, until the lucky lady finds the fake wedding ring. The lady who finds the ring is said to be the next to marry.


2.Las arras

Originating in Spain, las arras are coins given to the bride by the bridegroom, which represent the sacrifice that each will make for the other, and the promise that the groom will provide for his family. Used in Christian wedding ceremonies, the thirteen unity coins symbolizes Jesus and the twelve apostles.


3.Hand tying

You’ve heard of the phrase, “Tying the knot””, right? Well, turns out this phrase comes from the Ancient Celtic tradition of having the bride and groom’s hands literally tied together as a symbol of their unity. Three traditional cords are used:white(purity), blue(fidelity), and red(passion).


4.No Smiling!

In some parts of Congo, the bride and groom are forbidden from smiling at all, unless they want everyone to believe that they are not serious about their marriage. The wedding is a solemn gathering.


  1. Doves

In traditional Filipino weddings, newly weds release two doves into the air as a symbol of harmony and peace. A beautiful expression of love, brides everywhere have embraced this wonderful visual touch in their weddings.


Photography: Irish Grzanich Photography